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Project: 101085232 — ERASMUS-JMO-2022-NETWORKS-SCHOOLS

Knowing and Communicating Europe

In partnership with: Real Conservatorio de Almeria, Liceo Petrarca of Arezzo, Liceo Nicolò Machiavelli of Roma, Liceo of Warsawa, Liceo of Timisoara



This project stems from the need to develop an innovative and appealing model of transnational multilevel European civic education for secondary school students. Starting from the analysis of the differences in the approach of the teaching programmes in the different participating countries, it is proposed to develop and implement on an experimental basis an organic proposal of multilevel European civic education in the teaching curriculum, by exploiting current issues that embrace the future of the young generations through the journalistic methodology. To this end, a multimedia thematic workbook will be produced and made available in the various project languages.

In this process, the University of Roma 3, with its strong expertise, will lead a partnership of schools that have already had experience in various projects in the past editions of the Erasmus+ programme and will be supported by a subcontractor for the implementation of the operational tools and to strengthen the impact of the project actions with the dissemination of the results in a media network of European value.

Various types of mobility activities are planned in the institutes, addressed to both students and teaching staff, including a seminar for teachers and a Summer School on the island of Ventotene, a place of confinement during the twenty-year fascist period where in 1941 Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi and Eugenio Colorni drafted the Manifesto for a free and united Europe known as the “Ventotene’s Manifesto”.

General objectives

– To learn about the process of European integration and to understand the reasons for it.

– To understand the role of Europe in the current socio-political scenario and to hypothesize possible future scenarios.

– To evaluate the role of young people in Europe in the global challenges of the third millennium.

– To develop confidence in the strength of commitment and collaboration that made the utopia of the European Union possible.

– To acquire formal and informal knowledge, didactic and popular models about being European Citizens.

– To build prototypes of educational tools to be used on a large scale.

For any further information, please write an email to the Academic Coordinator, Prof. Fabio Masini:



13 December 2022, online: kick-off meeting

13-14 April 2023, Almeria: Coordination meeting

From February to May 2023, online: course on European history, institutions, policies, and challenges

From May 2023 (currently ongoing): decentralized (national) workshops between students and teachers

For access to the material (upon registration), please contact the project officer:



External communication of the project is hosted by

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