Seminario di Geometria: Bruno Dewer (Toulouse)

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Seminario di Geometria: Bruno Dewer (Toulouse)
Giovedì 23 Novembre alle ore 14:15, Bruno Dewer (Université de Toulouse) terrà il seminario di Geometria dal titolo "Gorenstein weighted projective spaces of dimension 3, extensions and linear sections".

Abstract: Given a projective variety 𝐗 ⊂ 𝐏ᴺ, it is said to be extendable if there exists 𝐘 ⊂ 𝐏ᴺ⁺ʳ which is not a cone and such that 𝐗 is a linear section of 𝐘. This talk focuses on the list of the weighted projective 3-spaces which are Gorenstein and their extendability in their anticanonical model. More precisely we focus on those for which a construction of their extensions was not known. We will see how to construct some of their maximal extensions from the study of the K3 surfaces inside them and their linear curve sections and how this provides maximal extensions for some examples of canonical curves.

Il seminario si svolgerà in presenza presso l'aula M1. Per ulteriori informazioni, e per il link Teams per seguire il seminario a distanza, si può contattare gli organizzatori all'email
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