Double and joint degree programmes

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Roma Tre University provides, mobility programmes with foreign universities leading to a double or joint degree.

Double degree agreement Department of Political Sciences:

  • American University, Washington, DC (starting from a.y 2021/22):
    The American University and Roma Tre University have signed an agreement involving the students of the Master’s Degree in International Service (of the American University) and the Master’s Degree in International Studies (of Roma Tre University).
    The Master in International Service (MIS) belongs to the International Studies Track and is open to students who are currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree in International Studies.
    To take part in the program, students are required to submit an official English language certificate choosing among TOEFL (with a minimum score of 100), IELTS (with a minimum score of 7.0), DUOLINGO (with a minimum score of 120), and PTE (with a minimum score of 68).
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  • Belgrano, Argentina (starting from a.y 2021/22)
    From the A.Y. 2021-2022, the Political Sciences Department has signed a double degree agreement with the University of Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
    The agreement refers to an exchange between the students of the Master’s Degree in International Relations of Roma Tre University and the Master’s Degree in Relaciones Internacionales of the University of Belgrano.
    The two essential requirements to take part in the double degree program are a minimum degree mark of 100/110 and at least a B2 level of Spanish.
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Increasing career and knowledge opportunities

Double degrees represent an extraordinary opportunity for students broadening their academic and professional perspectives in foreign universities. Double degrees provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary education and an innovative approach improving students’ study path.

Broadening skills

Double degrees enable students to get advanced education by carrying out a study period abroad. It is an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning giving students the means to expand their skills and develop a more comprehensive view of their study areas. The integration of  knowledge from two different methodological approaches improve students’ ability to solve complex problems and multidimensional challenges both in the academic and professional world.

Labor market competitiveness

Double degrees give students a competitive advantage in the labor market. Employers will consider candidates’ ability in using a wide range of skills to deal with complex situations. Graduates with double degrees will be able to easily adapt to different roles and provide innovative solutions. This wide professional versatility makes them highly demanded by companies and organizations seeking candidates with broad perspectives and multidisciplinary skills.

Customizing the educational path

Double degrees allow students to tailor their educational path to their interests and objectives. Students can combine disciplines in a mutually reinforcing way, creating a tailor-made study path, according to their ambitions. This individualized approach improves the academic experience of students and encourages them to explore different topics and develop an open and flexible mindset.

Difference between Double Degrees and Joint Degrees

The terms “double degrees” and “joint degrees” are often used in academic contexts with reference to two types of study programs involving the collaboration of higher education institutions. However, there are some differences between the two types of study programs:

Joint Degrees

“Joint degrees” are referred to study programs in which two or more universities or higher education institutes collaborate to offer a unique degree program or advanced professional courses. Students enrolled in these programs will attend courses and will complete their academic path in both participating institutions. At the end of their studies, they will have a unique recognized qualification from all the involved institutions. Joint degrees programs enable to have a more complete and in-depth education, allowing students to take advantage of the resources and skills of expertise by several institutions.

Double Degrees

“Double degrees” are referred to study programs in which students can obtain two separate qualifications from two different universities or higher education institutions. Students will attend two separate study programs and the two institutions involved in the double degree agreement mutually recognize the courses and credits. Finally, students will obtain two different qualifications, one from each institution.

Therefore, while “joint degrees” and “double degrees” involve the collaboration of higher education institutions and allow students to get a cross disciplinary education, the main difference between the two programs lies in the way in which they are awarded. While in joint degree programs students will obtain a unique qualification recognized by several institutions, in double degree programs students will obtain two separate qualifications, each awarded by a different institution.


The double university degree in the Master’s degree program LM-52 represents an extraordinary opportunity for students which allows them to obtain a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and highly competitive education. Graduates having a double degree are able to face the complex challenges of the academic and labor world thanks to a cross-disciplinary knowledge due to different education approaches.

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Simone Civiero 07 November 2023