Courses delivered in a Foreign Language

In the last years, the Department of Political Science has significantly increased the number of courses offered in foreign languages, especially in English, with the goal of diversifying the education opportunities for Italian students along with the development of international mobility among students and professors.

At present, the Department of Political Science offers a Master’s degree course entirely taught in English (LM-52), the Link identifier #identifier__19705-1Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS), several courses in English within the new MA programme in Link identifier #identifier__87569-2Politiche per la Sicurezza Globale: Ambiente, Energia e Conflitti (Global Security Studies: Environment, Energy and Conflicts LM-52), and the Master’s Degree in Link identifier #identifier__36942-3Relazioni Internazionali (International Relations LM-52).

Courses delivered in English offered by Partner Institutions

Italian and foreign students may attend other courses in a foreign language at the following partner institutions: Link identifier #identifier__194811-4CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) and Link identifier #identifier__8723-5IES Abroad (Institute for the International Education of Students).

Courses delivered in Languages other than English

In addition, the Department of Political Science gives the opportunity to study various languages such as French, German, and Spanish, as well as Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

List of Courses delivered in a Foreign Language

  • Academic English
  • Arabic Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • East Asian History in the Contemporary World
  • Energy Economics and Climate Change Policy
  • European Constitutional Law
  • Evolving Security in the Post-1945 World
  • French Studies
  • Gender and Political Theories
  • German Studies
  • Global Economy and Labour Rights
  • Hispanic Studies
  • History and Politics of Energy
  • History and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
  • History of Migration
  • International Finance
  • International History of Peace
  • International Law and Development
  • International Macroeconomics
  • International Politics
  • International Trade in the Global Economy
  • Multicultural American Literature
  • Representative Institutions in Europe: History and Theories
  • Russian Studies
  • Sustainability, Economic Development, and Transport
  • Terrorism in Historical Perspective
  • The EU in Global Environmental Governance
  • The International System After the End of the Cold War
  • The Roots of Globalization: European Expansion and Colonialism
  • The United States in The World in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Theory of Human Rights
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Leila Tavi 12 February 2024