Relations with schools

The Department is engaged in a constant dialogue with secondary education institutions and Lazio Region by means of  initiatives aimed at arousing students’ interest in scientific knowledge, fields of study and research within the Department thus promoting aware choices for the future path of university studies:

  • Activity of Orientation for prospective students addressed to high-schools’ students, in collaboration with University  Link identifier #identifier__8185-1Orientation Office and Link identifier #identifier__8646-2working group for University orientation (GLOA). For further information on orientation for prospective students, please consult the following Link identifier #identifier__10217-3Orientation portal of Roma Tre University.
  • Events and lessons held at high-schools: managers and teachers of each school involved can agree on topics related to Department subjects – legal, historical, economic, statistical, sociological, political and linguistic
  • Promotion of the Course catalogue: events for groups of high-schools’ students can be held in the Department, upon request,  to present the course catalogue, services for students, in particular with reference to the several opportunities for studying abroad.


Delegate Professors for Orientation and GLOA:
Prof Link identifier #identifier__87813-4 Adriano Elia
ProfLink identifier #identifier__72760-5 Emanuele Rossi

Administrative contact person for the coordination of Orientation activities:Link identifier #identifier__174094-6 Sarah Mataloni – Link identifier

Link identifier #identifier__49387-8Percorsi per le competenze trasversali e l’orientamento (PCTO): educational projects for high-schools’ students annually offered by the Department

Delegate Professor: Prof. Link identifier #identifier__34815-9Cecilia Reynaud
Administrative contact person: Dr. Link identifier #identifier__123651-10Maria Pia

Link identifier #identifier__71806-11Link identifier #identifier__177375-12Link identifier #identifier__171386-13
Simone Civiero 07 November 2023