What is the “Third Mission”?

Beside teaching and research, which represent the main role of the University, the Third Mission aims at planning and realizing actions towards Department’s socio-economic environment contributing to the social and cultural growth of the territory.

On one side the Third Mission completes and expands the teaching and research activities, on the other enhances relationships between the Department and schools, institutions and companies.

The Department follows the guidelines on Third Mission established by Roma Tre University, plans activities in line with University strategies, Quality Insurance principles (AQ) and AVA system.

Staff and contacts

Prof Link identifier #identifier__82472-1Antonio D’Alessandri – Delegate Professor coordinating Third Sector activities
Dr. Link identifier #identifier__83395-2Maria Pia Bressi – Administrative contact person for the coordination of Third Sector activities
Link identifier #identifier__124625-3terzamissione.discipol@uniroma3.it

Link identifier #identifier__34137-4Link identifier #identifier__91754-5Link identifier #identifier__131544-6
Simone Civiero 07 November 2023