The Department of Political Science aims at providing a well-structured and cross-disciplinary education by giving a solid cultural background along with several opportunities in the labor market. Graduates will reach complex competences and an international outlook within several professional areas thanks to the connection among subject areas in political, social, historic, economic and legal fields.

The basic education provided by the Bachelor’s degree courses enables students to apply for the second cycle degree courses: Master’s degree courses which last two years.

The main purpose of the degree programs is to give an adequate competence related to politics and international relations as for contexts and dimensions. A thorough cultural education with a cross-disciplinary approach, together with practical and focused methodology, allows students to be prepared in an original and creative way in order to face the challenges of an increasingly complex and connected world. The present as well as the political, social and economic inter-relationships are the basis of analysis which most of the teachings are oriented toward. Finally, these foundations are strengthened by historical and juridical knowledge, essentials tools for interpreting politics and society.

Teaching intends to provide the main interpretative and strategic tools to operate with expertise and skill in today’s world. Besides blended lessons, students may attend training, discussions, single and group works preparing them, over the course of the University years, to face not only the profession undertaken in its specific skills but also the relationship with colleagues, the ability to present written works at conferences, to maintain professional interpersonal relations both with peers and supervisors. Finally, international conferences and seminars, lectures of Italian and foreign guests contribute to complete the context of a comprehensive and multilayered education.

The Department offers the following degree programs:

  • Link identifier #identifier__53364-1Bachelor’s degree courses:  Political Science – L36, Policies Cooperation and Development – L37, Government and Administration­ – L16


In addition, Link identifier #identifier__9497-7PhD programs are offered in Political Science and in Government, Economics, and Institutions.

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Simone Civiero 30 May 2024