Relations with companies and institutions

Local area and social inclusion services

The Department plays an active role in the Penitentiary University Centre through university educational activities targeted to persons deprived of their liberty.  The Link identifier #identifier__104664-1Degree programme in Political Sciences is currently accessible to imprisoned students

  • Administrative contact person: Link identifier #identifier__179760-3Francesco Tornese


The Department realize, as well, services for students with disabilities and specific learning disorders ensuring their full inclusion in university studies. The Department, together with the Link identifier #identifier__46005-4students with special needs Office of Roma Tre University, identifies and provides, upon student request, actions best suited to their needs

Relations with the Institutions

The Link identifier #identifier__92996-7European Documentation Centre , within  political studies library “Pietro Grilli di Cortona” provide, free of charge, to students, researchers, citizens most of the paper and electronic documentation produced by  EU institutions and organizes events, debates, in-depth study courses on the main European issues. The European Documentation Centre works in coordination with the Link identifier #identifier__62721-8Centro Europe Direct Roma Tre  that is part of the European Information network.

  • Referring teacher: Prof. Link identifier #identifier__173743-9Raffaele Torino

Public engagement

Organization of events conceived  for a non-academic public, open to the local community, schools, companies, public and private bodies.

Dissemination of knowledge and culture

The Department carries through a publishing series Studies for Political Sciences with the purpose of enhancing the research and studying activities related to the Department’s scientific areas.

All the volumes are published in open access using a Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND on the operating system Link identifier #identifier__35538-10Roma TrE-Press.

The Department encourages the promotion of open access policies and the dissemination of scientific research results to a larger audience in line with art. 9 of the Italian Constitution: “The Republic promotes the spreading of culture and scientific research”.

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Simone Civiero 07 November 2023