Seminario di Fisica Matematica

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Seminario di Fisica Matematica
Il prossimo martedì, 3 ottobre 2023, alle ore 15:30, Mohamed El Hedi Bahri (Princeton USA) terrà il Seminario di Fisica Matematica dal titolo "Critical properties of thermally fluctuating anisotropic and active elastic membranes".

We examine physical systems that are graphene-like in physical geometry, that is, very thin elastic membranes. In the 80s it was shown by Nelson, Peliti, and others that if one takes an isotropic elastic material and allows it to thermally fluctuate then beyond a thermal length scale, the effective Lam´e constants scale as λR(q), µR(q) ∼ q ηu (where q is the Fourier scale and ηu ≈ .4). On the other hand the effective bending rigidity diverged as κR(q) ∼ q −η (η ≈ .8). The renormalization group fixed point was obtained by Aronovitz and Lubensky whereas the precise numerical exponents were obtained by Radzihovsky and Le Doussal. Given that this thermal length scale is generally around 2 nm for nano-materials at room temperature, it thus becomes of interest for us to study the effects of temperature on elastic membranes. However, the spectrum of 2-D materials is quite wide, including anisotropies (such as black phosphorus) and non-equilibrium properties. Motivated by this, we investigate elastic membranes in three different scenarios using field theory and simulations: uni-axial stress, elastic anisotropies and active/conservation law violating elastic moduli. I will discuss the results. I will mostly focus on the theoretical components and an introduction to the field and its nuances will be given.

Il seminario si svolgerà in presenza presso il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, Blocco Aule - Lungotevere Dante 376 - Aula M1.

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