Research and Teaching Team

Digital Citizenship for EU
Jean Monnet Module

Research and Teaching Team:

image 191493 Prof. Raffaele Torino
JM Module Coordinator
Full Professor of Comparative Law
Section 1 supervisor
image 70939 Prof. Cristiana Carletti
Associate Professor of International Law
Section 2 supervisor
image 162671 Prof. Luca Germano
Associate Professor of Political Science
Section 3 supervisor
image 92987 Dr. Simone Cotura
Section 2 Teaching and Research Assistant
Di Maio Dr. Claudio Di Maio
Section 1 Teaching and Research Assistant

image 191554

Dr. Claudia Mariotti
Section 3 Teaching and Research Assistant

Dr. Ilaria Ricci
Section 1 Teaching and Research Assistant

The Module is supported by APICE –

image 30074 Dr. Alessandra Coppola
Project Manager
image 121452 Dr. Debora Barletta
Workshop Manager
Expert on Media Literacy, Internet Governance and Combating Hate Speech
image 170196 Dr. Elisabetta Nucera
Architect – Graphic Designer
image 185048 Dr. Bernarda Ferragamo
Social Media and Communication Manager

image 130160

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CLAUDIO DI MAIO 02 Novembre 2021