Modulo Jean Monnet “Digital Citizenship for EU (DiCit4EU)”

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Digital Citizenship for EU
Jean Monnet Module


The module provides students with an in-depth knowledge about the main legal and political aspects – at International and European level – concerning the citizens’ online life, focusing in particular on digital rights and the use of digital technologies allowing to participate in the political arena.

The Module “Digital Citizenship for EU (DiCit4EU)” aims to broaden the students’ knowledge of European Citizenship rights and duties, in order to raise their awareness about the new dimension assumed by EU Citizenship within the digital society, mainly to understand, promote and defend online EU values, principles and human rights.

The “Digital Citizenship for EU” Module is offered in the frame of the European Studies – Advanced Degree of the Department of Political Science and consists of 64 hours of lectures in English divided into 3 thematic areas:
– Digital rights
– Online fundamental rights
– Digital political participation

In the first section (Digital rights) students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the access to and the protection of EU digital rights, by focusing on legal and procedural aspects, with special attention to the relationship among citizens and the internal market.

The second section (Online Protection of Fundamental Rights) addresses the transnational and international aspects of the online protection of particular fundamental rights, i.e. freedom of expression and dignity, children’s rights and security rights.

The third section (Digital Political participation) is designed to explore aspects concerning the online political participation of European citizens, with specific reference to digital democracy, the relationship between citizenship and digital platforms, digital parties and online political participation.

Moreover, the Module includes 4 hours of Workshops, 2 hours on Media Literacy and Internet Governance in EU, 2 hours on Preventing, combating and countering Human Rights online violations in the form of Hate Speech, delivered by APICE, plus documentary analyses and Webinars delivered by the European Documentation Center-DISCIPOL, open to the general public.

The module will be organised as follows:

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— AY 2022/23


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