Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts in International Studies is a two-year program entirely taught in English.

Main Study Areas of our Master of Arts in International Studies

The main study areas are International Politics, International Relations, International Macroeconomics, and International Law and Development.

Studying Foreign Languages at our MAIS

You can also choose to study languages such as Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. The project relies on the collaboration of teachers with decades of experience in the field and many collaborations with research institutes and foreign universities.

Who is Who

Prof. Leopoldo Nuti (Faculty Committee Coordinator for Courses in International Studies, International Relations and Politics for Global Security: Environment, Energy, and Conflicts Link identifier

Prof. Marilena Gala (MA Program Coordinator Link identifier

Prof. Francesco Maiolo (MA Program Tutor Link identifier

Dott. Leila Tavi (Contact Person Link identifier

Telephone: +39/06-57335270

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Today, common international relations topics and specializations include conflict and peace-making; comparative foreign policy; environmental policy; human rights; trade and financial regulation; international law; diplomatic tools and processes; migration and refugees; international security; and the role of international organizations such as the European Union. The MAIS programme in International Studies offers you a deepening in those topics.

The MAIS programme is designed to prepare students for a career in diplomacy, international organizations, NGOs, business, and research. Students can specialize in such topics as: war, peace and international security; environmental policy; human rights; development; trade and financial regulation; diplomacy; migration and refugees; and the role of international organizations.

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