Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts in International Studies is a two-year programme entirely taught in English.

Main Study Areas of our Master of Arts in International Studies

The Master of Arts in International Studies offers as main study areas: International History, International Relations, International Law, and International Macroeconomics.

Elective Courses

Within the MA programme in International Studies (MAIS), students have the opportunity to choose elective courses in: Area Studies, Constitutional Law, International Finance, Gender Studies, Global History, Multicultural American Literature, Nuclear History, and Sustainability and Economics.”

Studying Foreign Languages at our MAIS

You can also choose to study languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. The project relies on the collaboration of teachers with decades of experience in the field and many collaborations with research institutes and foreign universities.

Career Opportunities

Our MAIS is designed to train young professionals in the fields of diplomacy, international organizations, multinational corporations, and organizations dedicated to cooperation and development. The programme is built on interaction with external experts, following an international format and employing an innovative educational approach. This enables students to gain essential skills and knowledge for training in the international context.

Who is Who

Prof. Leopoldo Nuti (Academic Committee Coordinator for the MA Programmes in International Studies, International Relations and Politics for Global Security: Environment, Energy, and Conflicts Link identifier

Prof. Marilena Gala (MAIS Coordinator Link identifier

Prof. Francesco Maiolo (MAIS Tutor Link identifier

Dott. Leila Tavi (Programme Officer Link identifier

Telephone: +39/06-57335270  Link identifier #identifier__53741-5LinkedIn | Link identifier #identifier__178582-6Instagram | Link identifier #identifier__63467-7X

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For the full version of the Guidelines approved by the Academic Senate and the Department Council, please refer to the Italian regulations published in the Link identifier #identifier__183245-12Didactics section.

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