Ph.D. Programs and Research Areas

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Ph.D. Programs and Research Areas

The Curriculum of “European and International Studies” offers sixteen different Ph.D. Programs, each of which is divided into four Research areas. As illustrated in the Application and admission process section, candidates are asked to specify the Ph.D. Program in which they want to develop their research project and the Research Area they identify as apt for it, choosing among the following list.

Africa (SPS/13)

Program Coordinator: Alessandro Volterra
Research Areas:

  1. Traditional Religions, Christianity, Islam
  2. Decolonization Process and Colonial Identity
  3. Colonial Impact in Africa under the Italian Administration
  4. The Building of the Independent States and the formation of OUA

Central and Eastern Europe: History and Politics (M-STO/03)

Program Coordinator: Francesco Guida
Research Areas:

  1. Nations and the National States (19th and 20th Centuries) from Peripheries to the European Regional Space
  2. The Transformations of the Russian State in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Czarism, Soviet Experience, Post-Soviet Evolution
  3. Authoritarian Regimes, Intellectuals, and Modernization in the Inter-war Period
  4. European Communist Regimes: Common Model, Different Applications, Post-Communist Heritage

Comparative Politics and International Relations (SPS/04)

Program Coordinator: Barbara Pisciotta
Research Areas:

  1. The Domestic and International Dimension of Political Phenomena
  2. International System
  3. Democratization Processes
  4. Parties, Electoral Systems, and Decision-Making Processes)

Contemporary Latin America (SPS/05)

Program Coordinator: Maria Rosaria Stabili
Research Areas:

  1. Historical Forms of the State
  2. Social Movements
  3. Political Transitions and Human Rights
  4. Gender Relations

Contemporary Political History (M-STO/04)

Program Coordinator: Renato Moro
Research Areas:

  1. The Transformations of Politics and State in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  2. Religion and Politics in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  3. History of Political Parties, Movements, and Political Elites in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  4. Cultural History of Politics in the 19th and 20th Centuries: Political Cultures, Styles, Symbols, Myths, Rituals)

Cultural Studies (L-LIN/13)

Program Coordinator: Emilia Fiandra
Research Areas:

  1. History of Postwar Literature in the Two Germanies
  2. ‘Atomdiskurs’: Atomic Discourse and Anti-Nuclear Debate
  3. Political Theatre and Peace Dramaturgy
  4. The Literature of the Wall

Early Modern History (M-STO/02)

Program Coordinator: Giorgio Caravale
Research Areas:

  1. Circulation of Books and Knowledge in the Early Modern Period
  2. Intellectual History from Renaissance to Enlightenment
  3. Global Connections in the Early Modern World
  4. History of the Reformation and the CounterReformation

Eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korean Peninsula) (SPS/14)

Program Coordinator: Oliviero Frattolillo
Research Areas:

  1. The transition from Feudal to Modern Japan
  2. Maoist and Post- Maoist Chine
  3. Relations between Domestic and Foreign Politics during the Cold War
  4. Geo-Politics and Geo-Economics of the Confucian Pole)

European Union Law and Policies (IUS/14)

Program Coordinator: Raffaele Torino
Research Areas:

  1. Evolution and Modes of Action of the European Institutions
  2. European Financing Policies
  3. Domestic Market
  4. European Private Law

History of International Relations (SPS/06)

Program Coordinator: Leopoldo Nuti
Research Areas:

  1. Cold War History
  2. History of Nuclear Proliferation and Arms Control
  3. International Crises After the Transformation of the Bipolar System
  4. Italian Foreign Politics from WW1 through the Present

International Development Policies (SPS/07 and SECS-P/06)

Program Coordinator: Marco Zupi
Research Areas:

  1. Historical Evolution of the International Development Policies
  2. Comparison of Today Bilateral and Multilateral Strategies U.N. System, Roman Pole
  3. New Trends and Actions of European and Italian Development Policies
  4. Evaluation of Policies and Programs

International Economic History (SECS-P/12)

Program Coordinator: Gaetano Sabatini
Research Areas:

  1. Trade Networks, Financial Chains and Commercial Elites in Pre-Industrial Age
  2. The Colonial Economic Systems in the Age of Imperialism and the First Half of the 20th Century
  3. Trade and Financial Networks in the Second Half of the 20th Century
  4. World Globalization Processes: Development, Development Policies, and Competition for Resources in Contemporary Economics)

Internationa Law (IUS/13)

Program Coordinator: Carlo Focarelli
Research Areas:

  1. Epistemology of International Law
  2. International Law, Objectivity and Justice
  3. New Frontiers of International Law
  4. Methodological Intersections among Different Areas of International Law)

Peace Studies (M-STO/04 and SPS/07)

Program Coordinator: Renato Moro
Research Areas:

  1. History of Peace Ideas, Movements, and Organizations
  2. Peace Research: Theory, Concepts, and Themes
  3. Strategies and Instruments for Peace Processes: Peacekeeping Operations – Multi-track Diplomacy – Confidence Building
  4. History of Peace Processes and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

Political Thought (SPS/02)

Program Coordinator: Roberta Adelaide Modugno
Research Areas:

  1. The Roots of Political Obligation
  2. Forms of Utopia and Dystopia
  3. Historical Significance of the State as an Apparatus of Modernity
  4. Liberalism and Libertarianism in the 20th Century

United States of America (SPS/05)

Program Coordinator: Daniele Fiorentino
Research Areas:

  1. History of the U.S. in the 19th and 20th Centuries
  2. Politics and Society in the U.S. in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  3. U.S. Transnational Relations in a Global Perspective
  4. North American Cultural and Social History
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