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Dean’s Welcome

“Welcome to the Department of Political Studies of Roma Tre University! We serve a vast body of learners and offer the highest possible quality teaching and research opportunities. We look forward to greeting new and committed students from all countries who are interested in a challenging cultural experience.”
Prof. Francesco Guida
Dean of the Department of Political Studies


At the Department of Political Studies of Roma Tre University students and teachers may find a small-scale educational setting, deeply rooted in an international community.

Founded in 1996, our Department has gained a relevant academic reputation thanks to its quality teaching and research programs. It devotes special attention to international cooperation with foreign universities or research centres. Our students have the opportunity to interact with scholars of repute as their teachers or supervisors; therefore, once they graduate they have also delved deeply into a series of specific fields. As a result, our graduates find their way into the most appreciated PhD programs worldwide or make their mark in international professional organizations, companies, or government institutions.

Focusing on politics, our Department is engaged, besides in research and teaching, in transferring and spreading knowledge that could contribute to civil, cultural, social, and economic development. Thus at the Department of Political Studies of Roma Tre University education extends well beyond its academic content and students shape the community themselves, creating many formative experiences and establishing valuable, often lasting relations in the process.

Rome is a cosmopolitan capital city, with many vestiges of a great civil and religious past but also full of signs of a lively and relevant present. It is the seat of the Catholic Church but also of the UN FAO organization, and of the Italian Parliament and Government. And it is still a very pleasant and not overwhelming city.

Roma Tre was founded in November 1992 and now, with about 40.000 students, has the size of an average Italian university. Roma Tre is an active participant in the European Union exchange programs.

If Roma Tre seems to meet your expectations, we invite you to apply. We will consider your application very seriously, and hope to be able to welcome you as a member of our community.




The Department of Political Studies

Since its founding in 1996, the Department of Political Studies has a strong vocation for international and interdisciplinary studies. The Department has 63 faculties, whose scholarship and teaching span across the fields of Political Science, International Relations, Government, History, Economics, Cooperation, Development, Peace Research, European Studies.


Our aim is to provide students with concrete employment opportunities, both in national and local public administrations, in the business world, and particularly in institutions, organizations and companies operating abroad, primarily within the European Union. This perspective follows the tradition of diplomatic studies, but with a renewed attention to all those work environments that have affinity with international relations. The international dimension is, in fact, a very specific feature of our Department and our research; every academic year foreign scholars from all over the world visit our institution to take part in meetings or conferences and to give lessons or seminars.


  • Organization & Governance


The Italian Law on Higher education prescribes participation of professors, student and personnel representatives in governance with the purpose of safeguarding their respective interests in decision making.


The organizational structure of the Department is as follows:

  • The Dean has the overall responsibility for the Department, develops strategy and educational policy, maintains internal and external contacts and has the responsibility for management of faculty.
  • The Department Council is the body that safeguards participation of staff, faculty and students in governance. Its Members are all the professors and elected representatives among and by the staff and the students. The Council takes every decision on all governmental issues regarding the Department and on the interests of personnel.
  • The Dean, the Coordinators of the Courses (who hold responsibility for the academic program and admissions decisions), and a representative of the staff form a Steering Committee that jointly act as the management team, chaired by the Dean.
  • The Administrative Secretary is responsible for the management of the staff, supervision of administrative processes, HR and secretarial support, and finance. The Research Secretary is responsible for the facilitation and execution of the Department research policies, and for the PhD course. The Educational Secretary is responsible for support to the educational staff, (international) recruitment, communication and PR, alumni affairs, admissions processes, registration and curriculum management, career development, student life affairs, campus facilities.

Organization & Governance