Short Course on Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology 2022

When: February 21-25, 2022, h. 9:00-13:30
Where: Aula L6 & Teams Platform
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This (very short) course on Introduction to Geostatistics (prof. Francesco Salvini, is divided into 5 parts:

Link identifier #identifier__63445-1PART 1 - Introduction and Basic Statistics (Day 1)
Link identifier #identifier__134268-2PART 2 - Analysis of Sequence of Data (Day 2)
Link identifier #identifier__112191-3PART 3 - Analysis of Map Data (Day 3)
Link identifier #identifier__93114-4PART 4 - Analysis of Multivariate Data (Day 4-5)
Link identifier #identifier__153223-5PART 5 – Something beyond… (Polymodal distributions,
Fractal distributions, Montecarlo approach…) (Day 5)


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Link identifier #identifier__171289-1Link identifier #identifier__67117-2Link identifier #identifier__54506-3