Offerte di lavoro KT-Kinetics Tecnology S.p.A.

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Offerte di lavoro KT-Kinetics Tecnology S.p.A.
Sito azienda 
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Descrizione dell'azienda 
KT is a highly specialized EPC Contractor in the refining industry and an international leader in plant 
engineering, primarily in the Fuels & Chemicals sector. Our strong technological background and focus on Process Design capabilities enhance its offering of Business Lines such as Refining, Hydrogen and Syngas Production, Sulphur Recovery and Fired Heaters.

Descrizione delle Offerte 

Machinery & Package Junior Engineer

Key Activities & Responsibilities
Determine and select machines/packages from the point of view of compliance with technological, technical, contractual and economic requirements;
Provide for the preparation of the project Specification, the Material Requisition (M.R.), the Technical Tabulation and the Technical Evaluation;
Follow the supply development, keeping the necessary technical contacts with the Vendors and accepting the final reports;
Give assistance to the Team Leaders, where requested by them, for those machines/packages, which they manage directly;
Provide discipline support and input to other discipline for the detail activities;
Participate with project team and client as directed to prepare or edit project specifications and reports.
Responsible for completion of assigned project deliverables as it relates to cost and schedule.
Participate (where considered necessary by the Machinery Head of Department) in the most important phases of construction, testing, assembly and starting up;
Job Profile
  • Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical Engineeringfluent English speaker and writer
  • availability to travel for short period in Italy and abroad
  • Adaptability, entrepreneurship and working with method
Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers Junior Engineer

Assigned to a project, he/she is in charge of generating documents and deliverables assigned to him/her by the PVHE Group Leader, guaranteeing quality, assigned budget and time.
The Engineers report to the Senior Engineer for the peculiarities of the project, the Senior Engineer report to the PVHE Group Leader for man-hours and quality of the deliverables.
Main Activities & Responsibilities
As part of the assigned projects, in collaboration with Group Leader, guarantee the quality of the generated mechanical calculations of pressure apparatuses and their compliance with the contractual and company standards, procedures and work instructions.
Typical activities are to:
participate technical training as per department needs and exchange experience with colleagues for new Design techniques and prepare documents and deliverables necessary for request of quotation;
cooperate in the preparation, updating and editing of internal norms and standards;
keep him/herself updated about the technical specific improvement of the discipline;
check the engineering drawings and the relevant mechanical calculations of pressure components and static equipment supplied by the Vendors;
coordinate the activities of the draftsmen charged to prepare the engineering drawings of each static apparatus and transmit any necessary information;
provide for the compilation and issue of the summary sheets of the loads acting on the supports, fireproofing, insulation, painting and auxiliary structure weights of static equipment;
participate, when required, for the critical equipment to the most important phases of construction, testing, assembly and start up.
review Vendor detailed engineering documentation (drawings, procedures, calculations, etc.);
perform activities in compliance with deadlines set by project schedule;
v review Vendor technical proposals and prepare technical tabulation.
Job Profile
Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
fluent English speaker and writer
availability to travel for short period in Italy and abroad
Adaptability, entrepreneurship and working with method

Neolaureati In Ingegneria Elettronica
All’interno della struttura di Progetto, il Junior Instrumentation Engineer, riporta operativamente al “Project Leader”.

Attività e Responsabilità Principali
Durante l’esecuzione di un progetto, il Junior Instrumentation Engineer ha i seguenti compiti:
  • Garantire la qualità della documentazione prodotta e la relativa conformità rispetto ai requisiti contrattuali del progetto, al budget assegnato ed al programma;
  • Partecipare, ove richiesto, alla gestione dei Fornitori per gli argomenti aventi impatti in termini di tempo e costi di progetto;
  • Garantire l’assistenza ai Dipartimenti di Collaudi, Costruzione e Commissioning, in funzione delle richieste e delle necessità di progetto;
All’interno del Dipartimento, l’Engineer ha i seguenti compiti:
  • Fornire al “Head of Department” indicazioni su eventuali problemi legati all’applicazione delle procedure e dei metodi di lavoro collaborando all’aggiornamento degli stessi, al fine di migliorare l’efficienza del reparto;
  • Partecipare alla formazione tecnica e condividere con gli altri colleghi del gruppo le conoscenze in merito alle nuove tecniche di progettazione;
  • Migliorare la propria conoscenza e abilità nell’ uso degli strumenti informatici di progettazione;
  • Monitorare il mercato sullo “stato dell’Arte”, fornire valutazioni tecniche e commerciali su nuovi prodotti, tecnologie, cicli di lavoro, applicazioni etc
Si richiede laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Elettronica, disponibilita'a trasferte periodiche nazionali e internazionali, ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese.

Modalità di invio della candidatura 
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