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What to Do upon Arrival and before Leaving Rome

What to do upon your arrival and before leaving Rome:
Come to our Office (Ufficio Programmi europei per la Mobilità Studentesca) in via Ostiense 149 to register:
REGISTRATION Academic Year 2016-2017
During the first weeks of September and the first weeks of October for the first semester, and during the last week of January and the first week of February for the second semester we will register the Erasmus incoming students.

Our office will inform you by email about the exact appointment (day and hour) you will be registered.
Contact: incoming.students@uniroma3.it  and will be welcomed for the registration according to this schedule.

You should bring with you:
– proof of your Erasmus status stating the area of study and the length of your stay;
– your ID card or passport;

At the Ufficio Programmi europei per la Mobilità Studentesca you will receive a certificate stating your Erasmus status at Roma Tre, you will also obtain a User Id and Password to get access to the Student Portal
On the Student Portal you will constantly be able  to view your academic career, to enroll for the exams and to print certificates such as the “statino” (necessary document to bring the day of the exam) transcript of records.


As to define your learning agreement for studies, you should check the Course Catalogue of University of Roma Tre available in Italian and in English on the Student Portal: https://uniroma3.esse3.cineca.it/Guide/Home.do?menu_opened_cod=navbox_didattica_Didattica
You should contact your subject area Coordinator within the first two weeks arriving in Rome. He/she will advise you on what courses to take and will sign the Learning agreement.
After attending the whole course you should ask your teacher to register your final exam results (Esami sostenuti).
After you have taken each exam, you should make sure to go to your teacher and register it.

Before leaving Rome 

Come to our Office (please respect the opening hours) to obtain a “Certificate of attendance”, certifying your period of study at Roma Tre.
Where to get the Transcript of records 
You can get the transcript of records from the “Pagina personale studenti” (Student Portal), (http://portalestudente.uniroma3.it/index.php?p=accedi “Accedi ai servizi on-line” with User Id and password.
Erasmus students are required to bring a Transcript of Records to their own university.
Therefore, after you have taken your exam, go to your Erasmus Coordinator and make sure you register it and constantly check your academic career visiting the Student Portal.
What to do if there is some mistake in the transcript of records:
In case of missing exams wrong grades, date or credits, send an email to incoming.students@uniroma3.it and to the Student Office of your Faculty in copy (wait at least 30 days from the date of the exam)

1) Name and family name;
2) Registration number (matricola);
3) Faculty;
4) Name, date and grade of missing/wrong exam/s

E-mail address of Segreteria Studenti (Faculty Student Offices)

Things to do after coming to our Office:
1) register at the City Hall of your residence district in Rome (Iscrizione Anagrafica):
2) Tax number (codice fiscale)
The tax number is important if you want the canteen card and if you want to open a bank account.
You can find the various offices ( “Agenzia entrate”), where you can obtain your tax number, at the following website: http://www1.agenziaentrate.it/indirizzi/agenzia/uffici_locali/lista.htm?m=2&pr=RM

The closest offices are the following:
– in Via Ippolito Nievo 36- 00153 Ph. 06 583191; e-mail: ul.roma1@agenziaentrate.it (Trastevere – Linea B Piramide stop and then take the tram n° 3 during these opening hours: Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 and
– in Via Canton 20- 00144 Ph.06/526061; e-mail : dp.iiroma.utroma6@agenziaentrate.it ,where you can go during these opening hours: Monday and Friday from 8:45 to 12:45; and on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday also from 14:15 to 15:35.