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Visa and Residence permit



EU citizens may enter Italy with a passport or ID card and are entitled to stay for study or work as long as like. You are however required to register with the Questura (police station) in order to obtain residence and therefore you should ensure that you have all the documents requested for this procedure before you leave your home country.

Non EU Citizens are required to apply for a study visa prior to leaving. Applications should be made at your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. Always start these procedures well in advance of your planned visit to Italy. These procedures are subject to change so it is worthwhile telephoning the embassy or checking the website for information before going personally to the visa office.

EU citizens may reside in Italy for three months without a Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) from the Italian Police, but they have to register at the Police Station (Dichiarazione di Presenza).
If you are staying in Rome for longer than three consecutive months, you have to register at the City Hall of your residence district in Rome (Iscrizione Anagrafica).


Non EU citizens are required to apply for a residence permit within 8 working days since their arrival in Italy. Applications can be submitted to Italian Post Offices (Sportello Amico), Patronages and Municipalities.


For more information about visa and residence permit you can visit the following Internet sites:

• http://www.esteri.it/MAE/IT/Ministero/Servizi/Sportello_Info/DomandeFrequenti/Visto_per_Italia/