Population Days 1-3 February 2023

Giornate di Studio sulla Popolazione
Population Days 2023
Rome, 1-3 February 2023

The Italian Association for Population Studies (SIS-AISP) is pleased to welcome you to the 14th edition of the Giornate di Studio sulla Popolazione 2023 (Population Days 2023).
Population Days, held every two years, is one of the most important initiatives of the Italian Association for the Study of Population (Sis-Aisp). Italian and international leading experts and scholars, mainly from academia, the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and other national and governmental agencies, come together to present completed, planned, and ongoing research. This edition sees the participation of the Italian Geographical Society and of the Spanish Association of Historical Demography (ADEH) whose President and Vice President will give their keynote speech in the introductory plenary session.

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