Opportunity for students to present at CIVITAS FORUM

Opportunity for students to present at CIVITAS FORUM
This year there will be a great opportunity for one (or more) students  wishing to take part in the New CIVITAS side event. 
The event  will take place in October 2021 in Aachen, Germany. 
This year, in fact, next to CIVITAS Forum, will be held a side event, targeted on the urban mobility (including urban freight) students. During this session students can pitch the results of their work (internships, hackatons, research papers, etc), to network with their peers and to train their research and presentation skills. This side event, prior to the CIVITAS Forum, will take place at the premises of Aachen University.
Link identifier #identifier__154100-1https://civitas.eu/news/call-opens-for-youth-speakers-for-the-mobility-powered-by-the-youth-conference
Link identifier #identifier__69637-2Call opens for Youth Speakers for the 'Mobility Powered by the Youth Conference'! | CIVITAS
The CIVITAS Initiative works to make sustainable and smart urban mobility a reality for all in Europe and beyond.
 This is really a great opportunity for students, in case if they want to further develop international carrier and they will get access for free for the CIVITAS Forum. 
Official deadline to take part is 22 July.
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