Curriculum Vitae

Valerio Gatta is a fellow researcher of applied economics at the University of Roma Tre. His research interests are focused on the development of transport themes connected to decision making processes and sustainability, with particular reference to advanced survey design and discrete choice modelling techniques. His background relates to Statistics and Econometrics: he achieved the degree of MSc at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and his Ph.D. degree at the Sapienza University of Rome. He has been lecturer of the courses: “Advanced marketing” and “Customer satisfaction evaluation methods”. He is author of several articles published in international top-journals ( and he is member of the Italian Society of Transport Policy (SIPOTRÁ), the Italian Society of Transport Economics (SIET) and the Italian Society of Economists (SIE). He has been involved in several international (CityLAb-H2020, SEFIRA-WP7, Volvo Research Foundation) and national (CINECA 2013, PRIN 2007) research projects regarding sustainability and transportation. (contact: