Curriculum Vitae


Claudia Bernardi is researcher at Political Science department (2017-) where she is working on a project entitled “The frontier of Mexico with United States. Migrations and national identity from 1930s till today” within the international and interdisciplinary research project “The return of the nation” between Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Universidad Nacional de Rosario and Università di Roma Tre. She is also lecturer in “Latin America in the 20th century” (2016-18).

Currently she is visiting fellow at the History department at Ghent University (May-June 2018) in collaboration with the Ghent Center of Global Studies and Commodity Frontiers Initiative (CFI).

She obtained her Ph.D. in Euro-American Studies at Università degli studi Roma Tre (2013); she is postdoctoral fellow of the “Weatherhead Initiative on Global History” at Harvard University where she developed her new research project on “A global history of labour mobility and guest worker programs” that has been funded by Harvard University (2014-15) and the “Europa Institut. Institute for European Global Studies” of Basel Universität (2016).

She has published scientific papers and articles on national and international journals, and book chapters in edited volumes in Europe and Latin America. Her first monograph is entitled “Una storia di confine. Frontiere e lavoratori migranti tra Messico e Stati Uniti (1836-1964)” published by Carocci (2018). Among her research interests: global history of Americas, labor migrations from Latin America to U.S.A., and the Mexican-US border.