Presentation and formative goals

The course provides an overview of the democratization processes that have swept across the world since 1945 and explores some of the main challenges facing many of these incipient democratic regimes.

Course articulation 

The course is essentially based on lectures.


The course is divided into two part. The first provides a theorical framework of the transition process and analyzes the conceptual debate about democratic foundation and the challenges of democratic consolidation. The second part moves from the theory to practice and explores the specific democratization trajectories in Southern and Eastern Europe during the Second and the Third Wave emphasizing the legacies of the former non democratic regimes.


P. Grilli di Cortona, Come gli stati diventano democratici, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2009.
P. Grilli di Cortona e O. Lanza (a cura di), Tra vecchio e nuovo regime. Il peso del passato nella costruzione della democrazia, Il Mulino, Bologna 2011.

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