lezione ospite internazionale: Lyal Sunga – Does the Concept of ‘Human Security’ Add Anything of Value to International Relations or International Law? (13-11-2017)

lunedì 13 novembre, 16.15-17.45,  aula 2A

Sunga is Visiting Professor at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Lund UniversitySweden, and former Head of the Rule of Law program at The Hague Institute for Global Justice in the Netherlands, and former Special Advisor on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at the International Development Law Organization in Rome, Italy. He was responsible for supporting the UN Security Council‘s investigations in Rwanda and he served as Human Rights Officer in the United Nations as a staff member from 1994–2001 — mainly on problems relating to serious human rights and humanitarian law violations, issues involving war and recovery from post-conflict situations, as well as on fact-finding, monitoring, investigation and reporting.

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